Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Occupation: Self Employed

Sponsors: Adept Studios, OPM Autosports, Rossini Racing Engines, Traqmate Data

While living in South Africa, Danny competed at national level in many sports including

  • track
  • cross country
  • biathlon
  • windsurfing
  • motocross.

He has held state and/or national titles in each of these sports.

Early days - Motocross Racer

Danny got into motocross at the age of 21, and made up for his lack of experience with enthusiasm and a fearless attitude, and embraced the theory that if you're not crashing you're not going fast enough, and you will never find your limits. One race announcer commentated at the 1982 Kings Park Supercross event ... "there goes Danny Steyn. He's really fast between crashes!" But it paid off and soon Danny was winning championships and picking up sponsors.

At the peak of his Motocross career, Danny was part of the wonderfully talented Blue Stratos Kawasaki Team that was the dominant force in motocross in South Africa in the 1980's. This team produced some well respected winners including Greg Albertyn (World Motocross Champion in 1992, '93 and '94, AMA Champion '99), Colin Dugmore and Robbie Herring (Multiple UK Champion and manager of the UK Motocross Des Nations Team).

In 1983 Danny won his State Championship with 13 wins in 14 races. Danny also competed in the famous Roof of Africa 3-Day Rally in 1984 and 1985, and raced Enduros, Off Road races and Hare Scrambles.

Unfortunately a really bad motocross accident in a race at Eshowe, Kwazulu in 1987 hospitalized Danny. During surgery he lapsed into a coma, and was in intensive care for over a week. Despite being administered his last rites, he made a full recovery, and went back racing 6-months later.

Unfortunately he never got back to full speed and retired from motocross in 1988.

Current Days - Sports Car Racer

After retiring from motocross in 1988, Danny then took up competitive windsurfing and won the South African Championship in 1992. In 1993 Danny emigrated to the USA, and became a US citizen in 2004.

In 2005, seventeen years after retiring from motocross, Danny attended an AMG Driving Academy at Homestead Raceway and his instructors Jeff Andretti and Linda Pobst recognized he had some talent and encouraged him to see what he could do in motor sport.

Danny attended several more AMG Challenges and was presented the prestigious AMG IWC Ingenieure watch for fastest autocross time at Homestead in November 2006 by Tommy Kendall.

With this success, in 2006 Danny signed up for the Panoz Driving School and went on to run two race series with Panoz, culminating in a 3rd Place in the Final Series in 2007. This coincided with 3rd place finish in the Final Panoz race at the 2007 Petite LeMans Road Atlanta.

In 2007 Danny rented a Spec Miata from Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports and tried his hand at two SCCA events. He was immediately hooked and commissioned OPM Autosports to build him his own Spec Miata for the 2008 season.

Since then, Danny has concentrated on Spec Miata racing in SCCA events across the country. Danny races under the OPM tent with Tom Fowler as crew chief. His engines are built by good friend Mike Rossini, and he has support from several other sponsors listed on this site.

Championships / Race Highlights

As of Dec 21st 2016, racing in multiple classes, Danny Steyn's race stats are .......

  • 211Race Starts
  • 80 Race Wins (38%)
  • 149Podiums (71%)
  • 73 Starts from Pole Position (35%)
  • 10 Championship Titles
  • 5 ARRC Wins (5 podiums)
  • 3 June Sprints Wins (4 podiums)
  • 1 SCCA Runoffs Podium
  • 2 NASA Championships Podium
  • 14 Track Records (Sebring, Watkins Glen, VIR, PBIR, Barber, Road Atlanta, CMP, Dominion Raceway)
  • 2016NASA Eastern States Championship Podium
  • June Sprints Champion
  • ARRC Champion
  • 13 Wins, 21 podiums
  • 4 Lap Records, VIR, Road Atlanta, Barber, Dominion Raceway, Sebring

  • 2015Eastern Conference Majors Champion
  • June Sprints Champion
  • 13 Majors Podiums from 14 races

  • 2014Set Lap Records at PBIR, Barber, Watkins Glen
  • NASA Eastern States Championship Runner Up
  • ARRC Third Place

  • 2013Eastern Conference Majors Champion
  • South East Division National Champion
  • 2nd National Points Championship
  • 3rd SCCA Runoffs

  • 2011SCCA SEDiv Driver of the Year
  • South East Division National Champion
  • South East Division Enduro Champion
  • Florida Winter Tour Champion
  • ARRC Champion
  • June Sprints 2nd Place

  • 2010June Sprints Champion
  • ARRC Champion
  • SEDiv National Championship 3rd place

  • 2009SARRC Champion
  • South East Division Enduro Champion
  • Florida Enduro Champion
  • Pro IT Championship 2nd place
  • SEDiv National Championship 3rd place

  • 2008 South East Division Enduro Champion

Steyn started road racing in the Panoz Championship,
Sebring International Raceway 2007

Danny Steyn on the podium at the 2013 SCCA Runoffs, with
winner Jim Drago and 2nd place finisher Voytek Burdzy.

2013 June Sprints, Spec Miata Race 2 podium. Danny Steyn
(2nd place finisher) shares the podium with race winner Erik
Stearns and 3rd place finisher Craig Berry.

Engine builder Mike Rossini joins Danny Steyn on the winners
podium at the 2011 ARRC Road Atlanta

Steyn - 2010 June Sprints Champion

Steyn winning the 2011 ARRC at Road Atlanta

Steyn leading the Spec Miata field at the 2011 SCCA Runoffs

Steyn taking the race win at Barber Motorsports Park, 2009

Steyn leading the Spec Miata field at VIR, 2009

Road racing legend
Tommy Kendall presenting
the IWC AMG Ingenieure
watch to Danny Steyn in