Steyn wins the prestigious 2011 American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta

November 14th 2011

"Prior to this year's ARRC, there was a lot of discussion on the Spec Miata forums as to what tire we should run. The ARRC has always been an open tire format, but for the past several years, Toyos were the spec tire for our class and everyone had a lot of data for the Toyos said Danny Steyn.

"On the test day we swapped each session between the Toyos and the Hoosiers and the data consistently said that the Hoosiers were at least 3/10ths faster per lap and stayed faster for the entire session. So we made the choice to run Hoosiers and I was able to put down an almost perfect lap in qualifying, running under the lap record and nailed the pole. Being able to start at the front is a huge advantage at Road Atlanta as the infield from T3 to Turn 7 is generally single file, and you don't want to be held up there or you will lose the draft from your competitors."

"On the first lap of the race I was unfortunately involved in an incident with Mike Collins in the lone SM5 car running in our class, and we both went off in T10B. I was able to resume and got back on the track in 14th place. We went Full Course Yellow for 4 laps for the cars and debris to be removed. I restarted in 12th, and thanks to the exceptional grip of the Hoosiers I was able to go from 12th to the front in just 3 laps, and I stayed out for the rest of the race to get a really big win for our team."

"The confidence the Hoosiers give you is something that you cherish. To go in way deep in the turn and out brake the guy next to you, and yet still carry great exit speed, this is what makes our cars go fast."

"Thanks Hoosier for helping me win the 2011 ARRC in Spec Miata. A big thanks to the entire team at OPM Autosports, Adept Photo Studios, Rossini Racing Engines, and Traqmate Data for all the help you gave me during the 2011 season."

Danny Steyn and engine builder Mike Rossini stand on the winners podium and the 2011 ARRC

According to Steyn's engine builder Mike Rossini...."This win was huge for us at Rossini Racing Engines. It was the culmination of an entire season dedicated to developing the fastest, most reliable fully legal spec Miata engines the class has ever seen."

"Danny came close to pulling it off at the Runoffs, but couldn't close the deal. This past weekend he was on fire. He qualified on pole with a time under the lap record, and in the race, after his first lap incident in T10, he was able to continue, and from all the way back in 14th place, he was able to drive himself to the front in only three laps past some of the most competitive national racers in Spec Miata. Anyone who has driven Spec Miata at Road Atlanta knows just how difficult that is. It is a real testament to our engines and to Danny's skill behind the wheel."

"Alex Bolanos also proved just how great our Spec Miata engines are, and what a great driver he is. He was able to take his Rossini powered 1994 Miata from 15th on the grid all the way up to 5th place by the finish"

Steyn's Spec Miata engine built by Rossini after the 2011 ARRC tech inspection - Perfectly Legal

"Possibly the proudest moment for me as an engine builder" said Mike, "was watching my engine that had just won the ARRC, getting torn down at tech inspection, and passing with flying colors. Yes, you can build fast Spec Miata engines without cheating, and we have proved it time and time again!"

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Steyn leads the 2011 SCCA Runoffs, gets punted off while running in 3rd place, recovers to finish 5th!

Sept 26th 2011

The 2011 SCCA Spec Miata Runoffs was a race filled with high drama from beginning to end. The track was still damp in areas and wet between the kink and Turn 13 from the mornings rain when the 34 spec Miata's left the false grid.

Jim Drago, who had led all the qualifying sessions, led the field through Turns 1 through 7 but was knocked off the track in contact with Steve Gorriaran (2009 Champ). Rossini driver Danny Steyn took the opportunity to jump into the lead but he lost it in the kink in the wet and slipped back to 2nd place at the end of lap 1.

Coming into T5 on lap 2 Andrew Charbonneau (2010 Champ) bump drafted Steyn back into the lead, but the race went FCY due to carnage in the kink.

On the restart Steyn was passed by Gorriaran and Elivan Goulart. Over the next 8 laps they had a ding-dong race up front with Steyn and Charbonneau in close contact in 3rd and 4th.

Rossini driver Danny Steyn leads the 2011 SCCA Runoffs in Spec Miata

On lap 11 Steyn was knocked off track in contact with Voytek Burdzy. Sammy Valafar came from way back and made a charge to the front.

The finishing order was Goulart, Gorriaran, Valafar, Charbonneau, Burdzy and then a trio of Rossini drivers, Chip Van Vurst, Steyn and Alex Bolanos. Van Vurst had the charge of the day driving from last place to finish 6th on track.

After tech and protests were complete the final podium was Goulart (2011 Champ), Charbonneau, and Burdzy. Van Vurst, Steyn and Bolanos finished 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Steyn was also one of only 3 drivers to beat the previous Spec Miata lap record time!

Rossini Racing Drivers - 4th Van Vurst, 5th Steyn, 6th Bolanos

Danny Steyn Racing salutes Elivan Goulart as the 2011 SCCA Runoffs Champ, and salutes all the drivers that showed up and competed in this tough event.

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Spec Miata Runoffs Qualifying Update

Sept 23rd 2011

SEDiv National Champion Danny Steyn pulled out the qualifying lap he needed to put his Rossini powered Spec Miata into 5th place for Saturdays Runoffs. Alex Bolanos got caught up in a mid session incident and was unable to improve his time and slipped back to 10th place behind the 2010 Runoffs Champion Andrew Charbonneau. Tom Fowler got held up in traffic and ended up in 16th place.

Rossini race Chip Van Vurst will be there for the race and while he will start from the back of the grid, expect to see him move to the front at a rapid pace.

Tom Fowler leads Danny Steyn in Qualifying
Photo Credit:- Doug Morrissey

Steyn finishes 2nd in bizarre June Sprints Spec Miata race

June 20th 2011

In a bizarre race that saw serious gridding errors by the marshals, a full course yellow and black flag, as well as a rain shortened race, defending June Sprints Champion, Danny Steyn finished 2nd behind Jim Drago, and ahead of David Bednarz.

Danny Steyn leads Tom Fowler at 2011 June Sprints

Chip Van Vurst drove the race of the weekend. Chip rolled his car in Canada Corner in qualifying but rebuilt it for the race and was able to bring his badly battered Spec Miata from dead last (another gridding error) to 4th place in one of the toughest National races on the calendar.

Tom Fowler driving Steyn's backup Rossini powered car went wide in T3 while in 4th place, restarted in last position and was able to make it back to 13th place at the finish.

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Steyn and Fowler represent South East at Mid Ohio Double National

June 13th 2011

OPM Autosports made the long trek from Atlanta to Mid Ohio for the The BF Goodrich Tires SCCA Super Tour at the Mid-Ohio track.

Steyn and Fowler lowered their lap times significantly as they learned the track and improved the car car setup as the weekend progressed.

Danny Steyn ended the weekend with a respectable 5th place in Race 1 and a 3rd place podium finish for Race 2.

Tom Fowler had an eventful weekend in both races and despite on track skirmishes and set backs, Tom finished 7th in Race 1 and 5th in Race 2, setting the 2nd fastest race lap in the process.

Steyn crashes while leading Road Atlanta National

May 23 2011

At Road Atlanta in an incredibly deep field, Rossini powered 2010 June Sprints Champ Danny Steyn led several laps before going off course in Turn 1. Steyn continued but only managed a 10th place finish. Tom Fowler race in Steyn's backup Rossini powered Spec Miata into 3rd place from 6th place on the grid. 2010 National Champion Andrew Charbonneau won the race, 2010 ARRC winner Jamie Tucker was 2nd, and 2009 June Sprints winner Jim Drago was 4th.

Steyn kept it together and handily won the Pro-IT race by 5 seconds over Cliff Brown and Robert Spence.

Road Atlanta National Spec Miata Results

Van Vurst and Steyn finish one-two again at Roebling Road National, March 2011

March 7th 2011

The Spec Miata field took to a wet but drying track. Steyn who had qualified in 4th place drove to the front by the end of lap 1 and opened a commanding lead on Van Vurst. As the track dried Van Vurst found a faster line and closed in on Steyn, eventually taking the lead around lap 8. Steyn then tried everything to get back past Van Vurst, and the last 5 laps provided some spectacular offensive and defensive driving from this pair. The rest of the flied were no longer in contention. Chip van Vurst held of Danny Steyn for the win by a hair

? Race video below shows the last 5 laps of the close race between Van Vurst and Steyn.

Steyn picks up 3rd and 4th place finishes at VIR Double National

April 18th 2011

Rossini Racing's Chip Van Vurst scored an impressive win in the 2nd National at Virginia International Raceway. His 15/1,000ths victory over Andrew Charbonneau and fellow Rossini driver Danny Steyn, was one of the best races of the season with the lead changing more than 15 times during the race.

? Watch video of last lap of the 2011 VIR National below

In the first National race, both Van Vurst and Steyn made mistakes while occupying 2nd place. Steve Goriaran went on to win the race with Steyn finishing 4th and Van Vurst in 6th.

Rossini powered drivers were out in full force for the Double National and included Van Vurst, Steyn, Manny Dasilva, Jonathan Boxwell, Steven Hickham Jr, Mike Rossini, Amy Mills, and Ken Quartuccio.

Chip van Vurst leads Danny Steyn in Race 2 at the VIR Double National - April 2011

Steyn starts on pole but fades to 3rd at Road Atlanta Double National

March 21st 2011

Rossini Racing driver Danny Steyn started on pole but slipped back to finish 3rd behind Brown and Clements in Race 1 at the March Double National at Road Atlanta. In Race 2 Steyn slid off in Turn 7 while leading and finished 9th. Chip Van Vurst finished the weekend with 5th and 11th place finishes.

Blake Clements leads Cliff Brown and Danny Steyn in Race 1

Steyn finishes 1st & 2nd at Homestead Nationals, January 2011

January 17th 2011

Rossini powered drivers finish 1-2 in both races.

Race 1. Chip Van Vurst held off Danny Steyn in one of the closest finishes in Spec Miata racing history. The winning margin was 15/1,000ths of a second. Both drivers are using Rossini Engines.

? Watch video of Homestead National Race 1 below

Race 2. Danny Steyn turned the tables and just managed to slingshot past Chip on the line in yet another close finish, this time the winning margin was 84/1,000ths!

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Steyn finishes 1st & 2nd at Sebring Nationals, January 2011

January 10th 2011

Danny Steyn and Chip Van Vurst post strong finishes in the first race of the 2011 Spec Miata National Series.

Race 1. Andrew Charbonneau, the 2010 Spec Miata National champion had an exciting ding dong race with Rossini powered driver Danny Steyn, with the lead changing several times. Coming into the final turn, Steyn tried to pass Charbonneau on the outside in Turn 17 but was unable to complete the pass. Charbonneau won the first National of the 2011 season by 0.188 seconds.

Left to Right - Tucker, Steyn, Charbonneau, Bolanos, Van Vurst

Race 2. The start of Race 2 was a disaster taking out Andrew Charbonneau, Jim Drago and several other top National contenders. Rossini powered drivers Chip van Vurst and Danny Steyn led the early laps, until Van Vurst had an off-course excursion. Steyn went on to win comfortably with a 7.6 sec margin over van Vurst.

Chip Van Vurst leads Danny Steyn through Turn 1 at Sebring International Raceway